About Me – Iowas Premier Pet Photographer

About Me

Hello. I’m April!

And I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been surrounded by animals – whether they were cats, dogs, or rabbits.

Before I could walk, my dad bought a Norwegian Elk Hound puppy, named “Ole,” to serve as my companion and keep me out of trouble.

When I was six, the Easter Bunny came to live with us permanently. She was a little Dutch bunny. And I helped my Dad build a hutch for her.

When I was 12, I took dog training classes with my dog, Holly.

I once asked the neighbor lady, “If you saw a sheep walking down the street, what would you do?” And she said, “April, I would bring it to your house!”


In 2020, I had planned to take my Border Collie, Chief, to the studio and create some special images of him. But I procrastinated. I kept telling myself that I would do it tomorrow.

At just age 10, Chief unexpectedly died. And I don’t have those photos.

That’s why I’ve made photographing pets and their people my central focus.  Those of us that know animals realize that each and every one has a personality, and, tragically, their time with us is too short.  

My goal is to have each animal’s unique personality shine through in their images for you to remember these moments for a lifetime.

It’s your pet’s time to shine…

They give us unconditional love, let’s create artwork that will last a lifetime